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So many times we can get sidetracked and distracted from completing the things we say we want to get DONE.

Those distractions can keep us from that ONE THING we always wanted to do.

That ONE THING that I’m speaking about in this video message is writing and completing that book.

Have you ever been in a situation where you shared something you’re planning to do with someone, and until you get it done they continue to ask you about it?

Well, that person is calling you to the carpet on that thing you said you were going to do.

They’re your Accountability Partner.

You can also have an Accountability Partner for your writing.  Think of at least 1 person who you can rely on to hold you to your word about completing your book.

Yes, give them permission to ask you about the completion of your book.

Share with them the purpose of your book and the deadline you’re planning to complete it

And don’t get upset with them when they ask you about where you are with your writing.

This method will help put some fire under you because if you don’t get it done…the only person you can blame is yourself.

I also share 2 simple, but effective, tips and tools that can help you set aside time for writing.

Now, let’s Get that Book DONE!