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Are you on the fence about what you should write about?

Or, do you have a ton of topics that you want to write about but can’t narrow down that 1 topic to start with?

Today’s post is a simple but effective process to help narrow down your book topic.

I want you to use my go to document “3-Strategy Topic” to help you narrow down or even discover your next book topic.

This form will take you through an effective strategy to simplify your topic idea.

Some people believe they have nothing to share but I want to challenge you to go through this process.  I’m sure you will discover something that YOU CAN SHARE!

And for those who have multiple topic ideas but just can’t decide which to write on…I want you to also go through this quick process.  You will discover a lot about your topic through this process.

Here’s my “3-Strategy Topic” form to use for this project.

Happy Writing!