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In today’s episode, I share another level of service that we provide to our clients. It’s called #AuthorTalk.

#AuthorTalk is an interview with our published clients.  If you’re local we can interview you in-person or we can do a remote interview using screen-share.

We want to help you get your book into the hands of your readers, and #AuthorTalk is another level of service that can make that happen.

Some of the Interview Benefits:

  1. Your readers will get to see and hear the passion you have for your book.
  1. You get to share the link from the video interview on your social media platforms.
  1. We will share your interview and book link on our social media platforms and with our email list.


Here’s the link to the entire interview with Pastor Rodney L. Norton

His book is entitled ‘He Makes All Things New: Divorce, Deliverance & Stepping Into Your God Ordained DESTINY’

Link to his book >><<


If you’re interested in more publishing tips, check out my YouTube Playlist:

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