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Are you in the process of writing your book or simply need strategies to gain more exposure for your book, watch this video.

I give various tips to help get your book into your targeted readers’ hands.

  1. As you’re writing your book think about having someone influential in your industry or someone who’s well known to write your foreword. Tip~ make sure you spell foreword correctly.  I see so many people making the error of using the word ‘forward’ (means toward the front; in the direction that one is facing or traveling).  The correct word to use is ‘foreword’ (means a short introduction of a book; typically written by someone other than the author.)  Remember to mention that person on the front cover of your book. This credits a level of credibility for you as the author.

2. Think about using testimonials on the cover or inside of your book. Similar to the foreword, have someone who’s well known or influential in your industry write the testimonial.

3. And so much more

Did you know there are also numerous ways you can leverage your book after it’s published?  First, take some time to focus on the ultimate purpose for writing your book.

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I want to get more leads?  A couple of examples…are you a realtor? You can write a book that gives potential clients some “Things You Should Know Before…” what they should look for when purchasing or selling their home.  Another example is a personal trainer who wants to inform potential clients what they should look for “Before You Hire a Personal Trainer.”


  • Do I want another product which I can offer my clients or potential client?  Few examples…are you a Speaker, Coach or Consultant?  You can  provide your potential clients with strategies to accomplish their goals as well as create passive income for yourself from the sell of your book.


  • Have you discovered a simpler way of using an app for people in your industry to make their tasks more effective and efficient so they can provide faster service to their client?  Think about the ‘For Dummies’ book series.  These are instructional books used by those who are unfamiliar with a certain product or service.


  • Make sure to watch the video to discover more strategies


All of these strategies gives you, the author,  AUTHORITY in Your Industry.  You will be the go-to person for clients to gain wisdom and insight into areas they’re not familiar with.


Remember, the world needs Your Wisdom So Don’t Stop Writing!

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