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Reviews are so important to prompt a buyer to buy based on someone else’s feedback of the product.

Because of this Amazon knows they’re a prime target for scammers to increase their product sells with fake reviews.

With this said, Amazon has updated their review policy to help eliminate the potential for scammers.  Well, Amazon may not eliminate fake reviews but this policy does help to level the playing field.

A key point you need to understand regarding the update is that any reviewer will need to have purchased at least $50 worth of product before their review is seen.

I did a blog post a couple of weeks ago titled ‘Why Do You Need a Tribe?‘, in this post I give some benefits on why it’s important to have a tribe to provide honest reviews of your book. In order to have your book seen and rise in the Amazon book ranking, people need to provide reviews for your book.

Gather Your Tribe!


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