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Ever Thought About a Companion Book?

As you’re in the process of writing your book (or even if you’ve already published your book) have you thought about adding a Companion Book?

You’re probably wondering what do I mean by Companion Book.

Welp, a Companion Book is a workbook, planner or even a journal.

For example, if you’re creating a book a ‘How To Create a Profitable Online T-Shirt Business’ this is a great opportunity to provide your readers with a planner that they can follow.

This can be step-by-step instructions your reader can follow to confirm they’re not missing a step in the process.

Also, as I’ve shown in this video, you can also create a journal. This is a low content product that is very beneficial for customers to jot down their thoughts, goals, etc.

Well, this is another opportunity to bring value to your customer base and provide an additional income stream for YOU.

As I always say…Continue to Write Because Someone Needs to Hear What You Have to Say!

Happy Writing!


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