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It’s Time to Get OFF the FENCE!

If you’re procrastinating on your book release, my question is WHY?

So many times we have a desire to create something, go back to school, start a business or write a book, but something stops us in our tracks.

That something could be fear of not being good enough.

If this is the reason why you’re still on the FENCE about releasing your book, I want you to think about WHY that desire was there in the first place.

There’s a reason WHY you got excited the first time you thought about releasing a book…that tingling feeling you had in the pit of your stomach just thinking about sharing your knowledge with the world.

Welp, I want yto know…WHY have you suppressed that excitement?

My #IgnitePublishingTip is to encourage you to move past ‘whatever’ is holding you back from releasing your book.

Do you realize you can release an eBook without releasing a paperback?

Don’t get caught up in thinking you have to release both a paperback and an eBook at the same time.  You can release the eBook first and if you decide to, release the paperback later, if you want to.

Don’t suppress that desire you have to release your book.