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Today’s publishing tip is all about How to Eat YOUR ELEPHANT!

I understand with so many things that we’re hoping to accomplish it can become daunting, but when you focus, brainstorm and breakdown your book(s) or projects you’ll start completing your goals.

You can have a ‘To Do List’ but I want to share something that has worked for my husband and I being able to create 7+ products within 1-1/2 years.  The tool we’ve used is simple but very effective.

It’s called our ‘Poster Creative Board‘.

For Books:

We first write the topic (or the title) of the book on a sticky note and place it in the center of the board. We then brainstorm all the knowledge we have about our title then place a different colored sticky note on the board for each idea.  And we keep doing this until we’ve exhausted our brainstorming session.  If we feel as though we don’t have enough information about the topic we scrap it and move on to something we do have enough knowledge about. But if we have enough information, we start organizing the sticky notes into a more cohesive order where the topics flow during the writing process.

For Projects:

Similar to the book brainstorming session but we continue putting sticky notes on the board as ideas pop into our mind, days, weeks or even months later. Our focus is getting the ideas from our head to the board because it can be ‘that new idea’ that can possibly spark another avenue for us to create more value for our customers.

To get started with your Poster Creative Board here are the items needed:

Poster board (pick up from Dollar Store or any arts & craft store)

Different Colored Sticky Notes (pickup from same location as the poster board)

Different Colored Pens (pickup from same location as the poster board)






That’s it!

Now, let’s get that book completed.