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Have you noticed the number of books published on Amazon each day?

Well, if you haven’t I can tell you there are 1000’s of books published on Amazon each and every day.  The numbers are comprised of eBooks, Paperbacks, Hardcovers and Audio.

So how do you get noticed in a Sea full of Books?

It’s not easy so I want to increase your chances by sharing some other opportunities that you should consider when you’re ready to publish your book.  Simply because you never know where your reading audience is searching for what you may have to offer.

In my slideshow video, I give you some things to consider while planning your marketing efforts.

I’ve also created an easy to follow Income Tracker for you to tally up your earnings and to keep an account of where those earnings are coming from.  Trust me, it’s not complicated at all but this will allow you to see where your target market is. See below for more information about this.

But for now, check out my quick video slideshow.

Download the Income Tracker

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