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Your Beta Reader is an important part of the book team.

A Beta Reader is a person who reads your manuscript prior to you pressing that publish button. This person will read your manuscript and provide feedback/suggestions to help bring greater clarity to your manuscript.

I suggest having at least 3 Beta Readers (your Beta Team); any more will prolong the publishing process.

  1. Before completing your manuscript contact at least 3 people who will agree to read and provide honest feedback for your manuscript.
  2. After you’ve completed your final draft (as you know it), provide the Beta Team with a Word Document of your manuscript.
  3. Let the Beta Team know exactly when you need the manuscript back.
  4. After receiving back the manuscript with the Beta Team’s feedback, you decide to accept or reject their feedback. Remember, you’re the final approver for your manuscript.
  5. If you decide to accept their feedback you can either implement the suggestions then send it back to the Beta Team; or send it to your editor.
  6. If you reject the Beta Team’s feedback just send the manuscript to your editor.

This is the process you should follow if you include a Beta Team in your writing process.

Focus on the Outcome!